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Are you a regular shopper on Amazon?  Please consider doing your regular shopping on Amazon through Amazon Smile, a charitable way for nonprofits to receive a percentage of what you spend back from Amazon.  Even if you shop only occasionally, the dollars add up over time!

You can choose The House Next Door as your Amazon Smile charity by following this link:

thrivent choice $

Are you a member of Thrivent Financial?  If so, you may have Thrivent Choice Dollars available!  Please consider designating some or all of your Thrivent Choice Dollars to The House Next Door.

If you have questions about how this works or need additional assistance, please contact your Thrivent representative or let us know.  You can also visit: 

Thrivent Action Teams provide seed money for fundraisers, programs, new projects, workshops/educational activities, and more!  Please consider using one of your Action Teams to benefit The House Next Door.

If you are a Thrivent Benefit Member, you will receive 2 Action Teams (each worth $250) per year.  If you are a Thrivent Associate Member, you will receive 1 Action Team per year.

Not a Thrivent member?  You can become an Associate Member for $20 per year (without investing in any Thrivent products) and receive 1 Action Team per year.

To learn more about Thrivent Action Teams, you can visit:

Thrivent  Action Teams


The House Next Door occasionally has registries with either Target or Amazon.  These sometimes include baby registries for a mom who is expecting, college registries for items our moms as students need, or wish lists for specific items for either a resident or The House itself.