Here are some of the major projects The House Next Door is working on.  We'd love your help!


This will be a new project for us in 2018!  Last year our mothers needed very few school supplies for themselves and we had mothers with children too young for school.  This year, however, our moms and kids really needed school supplies and the schools were asking kids to bring more classroom supplies after winter break.  So, we incorporated collect school supplies into our 12 Days of Christmas program and partnered with local churches.  Our goal is to expand this program next year so that back-to-school season can be more exciting and less stressful for our families! 


Ready-to-go school supplies bags

This is a sample school kit bag we put together in December so that the kids would have additional supplies to get them through the rest of the school year!

12 Days of christmas 

For Christmas each year we partner with local churches, colleges/universities, and the community to collect household goods in bulk.  The goal is for these items to last the residents living at The House for 3-6 months.  These aren't the most "flashy" Christmas gifts, but they help take the burden off our families for a few months, especially during the holiday season when moms need a little extra money to buy gifts for their kids. 


Gift wrapping party

We try to collect 12 different types of items that can be dropped off one day at a time during the month of December.  We often host a gift wrapping party where volunteers and donors help wrap the household items that were collected.  Here's the beginning of the wrapping process! 

Mentors for moms

We are in the process of starting a program that would pair Moms with Mentors.  Mentors would come along side their partnered Mom, meeting monthly for support, a coffee break, or a walk and talk around the park.  It's hard being a single Mom in school - so having someone on their side with whom they can process the challenges and successes will be a BIG service! 

3 women clipart.jpg

Want to become a Mentor?

Send us an email or give us a call and we will get you more information as well as take your name down so we can contact you with specific dates & details.  We hope to have Moms and Mentors paired by the end of the summer (2018) - having a Mentor training day sometime during the summer.